Flinders Laneway Refurbishment

The Flinders Laneway was the place to be back in 2015 when the university’s hub was being rebuilt and updated. It was in this small place we all knew as The Laneway where, we could grab a bite to eat, a much needed coffee and socialise outside. However, upon the arrival of our new Hub, our much loved Laneway had become somewhat quieter and was reduced to a single coffee cart. This year my friend and fellow artist, Aden and Beaver were faced with the challenge of redesigning The Laneway and breathing new air into the dynamic space. For this Aden and I were both interested in creating contrasting elements with explosions of colour. Our designs both included galactic themes and animals including birds and fish. We believed that although these elements would prove to be contrasting, they would create an interesting space that would create foot traffic toward not only the Hub but also toward the Laneway’s amazing coffee cart, BonVoyage. Over the course of the fortnight, both Aden and I enjoyed ourselves being able to contribute our artistic skills to an area of our university. Whilst completing the refurbishment, I came across a new art style incorporating spray paint. I called this style “the speckle effect” by holding the can far away from the wall and pressing the nozzle partially down to create flecks of paint. I used this technique to create most the galaxy effect along the walls I was allocated. Considering I had never picked up a spray can I was not only humble to have completed such a big scaled artwork, but to have completed a professional project.

You can find more information on the Flinders Laneway Refurbishment and Aden Beaver’s portfolio here


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